Habitat for Humanity’s 2016 Home Builders Blitz began this May, with Portland/Metro East beginning construction on two homes which will be completed in under a month thanks to generous donations from local suppliers and builders. This year, two homes at Habitat’s Helensview site in northeast Portland’s Cully neighborhood will be completed and dedicated to each family on June 10th, 2016. The first home will eventually belong to the Le-Luong family, and is being built by Schumacher Custom Homes. The second is being built by Noyes Construction and will be purchased by the Triplett family.

These homes are built at an accelerated pace thanks to hard work and materials donated by a range of local companies. The homes will be ADA-compliant to serve the needs of families with disabled family members. And because these homes are being built at the unique Helensview site, these families will live in a mixed-income community with easy access to nearby parks and transit options.

The Home Builders Blitz is an annual Habitat for Humanity International event with the goal of simulatneously building 300 homes worldwide and helping hundreds of children find a stable place to call home. To learn more about the families and builders involved in this year’s Home Builders Blitz, click here.


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