Summer Frost knows moving is hard work. She and her three daughters have packing down to a science, as they have moved countless times in the past seven years. Whether she is chasing affordable rent or finding healthier living conditions, Summer and her daughters have seen it all when it comes to housing.

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SE 171st Avenue & Division Street

The Al Furaijat Family The Le/Hoang Family
The Antilla Family The Lund Family
The Dulal Family The Mang/Ciang Family
The Evangelista-Rodriguez Family The Nguyen Family
The Geberemariame/Habteselassie Family The Ntiranyibagira Family
The Hopkins Family The Nussif Family
The Hubbard Family The Obaid Family
The Jlay/Wilson Family The Snyder Family
The Khudheer/Jassam Family The Tollefsen Family
The Langh/Hau Family

Home Builders Blitz 2014

The Kaw/Paw Family The Simino Family
The Htoo/Gay/Ni Family The Loe/Shwe Family

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