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The Aymerew Family

The Aymerew FamilyFassil Aymerew is a machinist in Hillsboro and his wife, Fireweyni Gebeve, is a stay-at-home mother to their two sons Desalun, 9, and Tedrose, 7. The family has lived in the same apartment for 11 years. The apartment is poorly insulated and never gets warm in the colder months and water often leaks and freezes inside the walls.

The conditions in the apartment have affected Fireweyni and the children’s health. They have developed sinus problems due to the mold and uncontrolled temperature in the apartment. Fassil has looked into purchasing a home for his family before, but his income was too low to qualify for financing.

Struggling for a solution to his family’s problems, Fassil found Habitat through a friend. Upon being accepted into the program, his children have constantly asked when they are going to move into their new home. Desalun and Tedrose dream of having their own backyard to play in everyday, and Fireweyni looks forward to her family regaining their health and having a safe place to raise her children.

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