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The Beasley Family

The Beasley FamilyAdulthood came quickly for Elisha Beasley. At 15, she became a mother, and by 21 she had three children. Determined to be a success, she finished school and has continued to maintain a full-time job to support her children. She was briefly married, but soon separated due to mental and physical abuse. As a child, her family moved continuously, so she never learned what it was like to live in a safe and stable environment. She decided she wanted to raise her children differently.

She tried attending college, but was unable to pay for child care, and struggled for 18 years to pay for food, rent, clothes, housing fees and other bills.

Elisha is very ambitious and dreamed of someday having her own home. She was denied housing from many other programs, but was determined to keep trying. When she was accepted for homeownership, she felt an overwhelming feeling of hope. She says that Habitat for Humanity has been a true blessing to her family and a chance for long-lasting stability.

Elisha and her children are making their dream come true by working on their sweat equity hours; they say it is worth every minute. They are looking forward to being able to call their house a home, and can’t wait to paint the walls their favorite colors and plant a garden in the yard.

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