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The Duran Family

For the past six years, Leoncio Duran and his wife, Maria Alvez, have rented a two-bedroom house in northeast Portland. The couple also share the space with their five children. Aside from the family’s space issue, the house has plumbing problems, mold in the upstairs walls, pests and inadequate insulation, making it difficult to control the temperature inside.

“Cold air comes in through the old windows and the door,” Leoncio said.

The landlord keeps raising the rent even though the house needs significant upgrades including a new roof, plumbing repairs and new windows. On top of all of the issues with poor quality of the house, the family also realizes that they are not getting ahead financially.

“We just put money into rent that goes nowhere,” Leoncio said.

The family was inspired to apply to the Habitat program after seeing the office on one of their commutes. After going through the process, they were very excited to get their acceptance call.

“I was really happy and at the same time, I couldn’t believe it,” Leoncio said. “It is a dream come true. Everybody wants their own home and Habitat is the program that can help us. ”

The Duran-Martinez family is very much looking forward to becoming homeowners in the same community where their roots have already been established in their church, work and schools.

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