The Francis/Anosiatha Family

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Since emigrating from Africa three years ago, Sindimwo Francis and Tinya Anosiatha have been dedicated to providing a stable environment for their three children. Sindimwo works full-time as Community Support Staff for a clinic and Tinya is a part-time housekeeper for a hotel chain, but despite their hard work, the couple has been unable to provide their two boys and daughter a safe and healthy home. For three years they have rented a small, two-bedroom apartment. Aside from overcrowding and a mice infestation, the apartment’s poor plumbing has resulted in leaks, mold and humidity. Sindimwo’s biggest concern is that his children’s exposure to this environment could lead to asthma.

“There is family history of asthma,” said Sindimwo. “My dad had asthma. My grandmother had asthma. I think the kids could get it too.”

Since there are many issues with the apartment that threaten the family’s health, the couple hopes that moving into a new home will reduce the risk of their children inheriting health problems. Sindimwo and Tinya hope their future home will be a place where their children can grow and play safely.

The couple heard about Habitat’s homeownership program through Africa House Refugee Community Center and decided to apply. When they were accepted into program, the family was thrilled.

“The house signifies hope,” said Sindimwo. “My family will be happy because it is like we are moving from dark to light. We will be stable and my children won’t have to change schools. They will have a place to call home!”

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