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The Hall Family

For over six years, Michelle Hall has struggled to find stability for herself, her teenage son and young daughter. After her divorce, Michelle purchased a home but it soon suffered damages and had to be sold, leaving Michelle and her children homeless. As a way to help Michelle and her family regain stability, her friend allowed them to move into his two bedroom home in northeast Portland. While they do have a roof over their heads, the space is very limited, causing Michelle and her friend to have to sleep in the basement.

“Although the home is too small for four people, I am thankful my friend let us stay here because otherwise we would be in a shelter,” said Michelle.

But after six years, Michelle learned that her friend must sell his home, leaving her family with no place to go.

As the house undergoes remodeling in preparation to be sold, the environment is even more cluttered and unsafe for Michelle’s children, who both have health problems making them very restless and sensitive to noise. Both children need extensive support from Michelle, who is unable to work due to this, and coping with her own health issues that affect her energy levels, sleep, and strength.

Michelle dreams of owning a home because she knows it will provide her children with a stable environment where they can be themselves, feel comfortable and safe. She remembers seeing an ad for Habitat in the newspaper and after researching she decided to apply to the homeownership program. A few months later Michelle received her acceptance call and became hopeful for a better future.

“This will be a stable home where my kids can have friends over, live in while attending college and lower my stress level so I can restart a career,” said Michelle. “I am so happy.”

The Hall family has worked hard at accruing sweaty equity in the office by completing data entry and working on site. Michelle recently celebrated the completion of 500 hours of sweat equity, a few weeks before the dedication of her new home.

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