The Hso/Tee Family

Three years ago, Hso Hso and Hsar Tee moved to the United States from a refugee camp in Thailand, hoping to raise their five children in a better environment. Hso repairs wood pallets and Hsar is dedicated to raising their three teenage boys and two young daughters. Despite their hard work, the family is only able to afford a crowded, two-bedroom apartment. Currently, Hso sleeps in the living room, while the three boys sleep in one of the bedrooms and Tee and two daughters sleep in the second bedroom.

The apartment is old and needs several repairs that the landlord ignores. A water leak from the bathroom has caused damage to a bedroom, bad insulation makes the apartment cold, and mold has appeared in several rooms.

“The youngest children often get sick from the mold and lack of fresh air,” said Hso. “With such a large family, the high cost of rent can cause us to run out of money for food sometimes, too.”

A family friend told Hso and Hsar to apply for Habitat’s homeownership program because she thought they would be good candidates.

Hso and Hsar are looking forward to having more privacy in their new home. They are also excited to live in a safe and healthy environment where their children can grow and thrive.

“I hope we live there forever,” said Hsar. “I imagine a warm house with four-bedrooms and lots of bright windows!”

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