The Jaime-Aguirre Family

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Maria Jaime-Aguirre has always strived to provide her children with a stable environment. Despite her hard work as a full time bilingual liaison, she struggles to afford a better home. Rising rent has caused her family to move three times over the past seven years, all within the southeast Gresham area. They currently live in an apartment with very poor living conditions including, lack of insulation, holes in the garage ceiling, a constant draft, and a furnace that doesn’t work properly, making it expensive and difficult to manage the temperature in the house.

“The plumbing in the home is in need of serious work,” said Maria. “The kitchen sink clogs easily and food sometimes comes up through the bathtub drain. The incoming water pipes are also leaking near the kitchen sink.”

Maria’s biggest concern is the safety of her children. Her son’s bedroom door can’t be opened, so his window must always be unlocked for him to come in and out. Even though the house has many problems, the landlord has not responded to Maria’s maintenance requests. Maria hopes her new home will allow her family to lead a happier life and provide her children with stability.

Maria recalls learning about Habitat’s homeownership opportunity while searching online for affordable housing. The family was overwhelmed with joy when they received their acceptance call.

“I would like my younger children to learn more responsibility and have a sense of ownership and pride in a home that will be theirs,” said Maria. “I feel proud knowing that my children, friends, and I will take part in building our home.”

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