The Kabthimer Family

The Kabthimer FamilyNigist (nee-gis) Kabthimer and her 16-year-old son, Michael, have lived in northeast Portland for the last four years sharing a two-bedroom apartment with Nigist’s brother. The aging apartment is small and the rent continues to increase despite its poor conditions. The windows leak every time it rains and water often freezes inside during the winter months. Mold growth overwhelms the family as they frequently try to clean the affected areas to keep their apartment healthy.

As the owner of her own business, Catch the Buzz Espresso, Nigist works hard to provide a safe place for her son to live. She dreams of owning her own home and knowing that her mortgage won’t increase. She looks forward to being able to come home to a clean house that doesn’t harbor harmful side effects and being able to establish equity in her future.

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