2013-2017 Strategic Plan

Want a heads up of where we’re going in the next five years? Check out our new five-year Strategic Plan that outlines our goals for Portland and Gresham from now until 2017 and benchmarks for success. (Hint: We’re building more homes and will need many more helping hands!) Find out all the details below.

Goals and Strategies

Diverse and sustainable housing products and services provide families with safe, affording housing

Acquire an inventory of land sufficient to meet long-term program needs
Construct and renovate single-family and multi-family sustainably built homes
Support and assist low-income homeowners by executing an owner-occupied home repair program

Affordable housing leverages community efforts to strengthen neighborhoods

Develop community partnerships that support the revitalization of targeted neighborhoods
Provide services to support homeownership stability

The active work and credible voice of Habitat helps inspire the hearts and minds of the community in support of affordable housing

Broaden and deepen HFH’s opportunities for volunteer engagement
Increase awareness, understanding and action in support of affordable housing
Build a strong presence within affordable housing community helping shape the environment in which Habitat works

A sustainable organization mobilizes resources and stewards them faithfully

Fund the mission through comprehensive resource development activities
Recruit and develop community leaders to govern and bring resources to the organization
Grow the skills and leadership capabilities of staff
Operate the organization with excellence