Community Garden will Grow Thanks to the Nike Employee Grant Fund

If you’ve been out to Habitat’s 45-home build site at SE 171st and Division Street, you have seen the transformation of the vacant parcel these past 12 months. Now that the first 22 homes are built and homeowners are moving in, staff and volunteers will soon start work on an 8,000 square foot lot at the end of the cul-de-sac on SE 171st Avenue.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Nike Employee Grant Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation, this open lot will be transformed into an open green space, raised garden beds and pathway lined with fruit trees. The pathway will lead out of the subdivision’s north end and onto quiet side streets, encouraging kids to utilize the pathway to get to school and the park.

More information about the Nike Employee Grant Fund of OCF is available here.

About the Garden Beds
Homeowners are excited to have a place to grow their own food and are looking forward to planting their beds in the next few months. Each family will have their own raised garden bed that collects rainwater in an enclosed tank for reuse, eliminating the need for additional water supply. Water is collected during the rainy months and easily accessed year-round by a small hand pump installed on the side of the garden bed. The raised height and use of space means beds will be easily accessible, ensuring that all family members are able to participate in growing nutrient-rich food.

Rainbed - Copyright David J. Bonn

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