A Heartfelt Thank You to Our 2012 Supporters

Habitat would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all of our donors and volunteers for their support and hard work in 2012. So many of you generously shared your time and hard earned money to help Habitat build simple, healthy, affordable homes for hardworking families in our community.

As this new year begins, Habitat is celebrating its completion of A World of Hope: It Starts at Home. This $12 million fundraising campaign, launched a little more than 12 months ago, had the bold goal of buying land to support our next five years of building and increasing our homebuilding by 50%. These were huge ambitions, but our community stepped up. Habitat received some of the largest gifts in our history and more individual gifts than ever before. Even in the midst of “The Great Recession,” supporters gave what they could, some making sacrifices to give more than in years prior. Habitat is so grateful for the many contributors that made A World of Hope: It Starts at Home a success.

Habitat put these funds right to work, purchasing land in our neighborhoods that have the greatest need for homeownership, creating stability that will have a ripple effect on the whole community. Because of A World of Hope: It Starts at Home fundraising campaign, we now have land in place to build homes for 150 local families. But our work is not done. The need for affordable housing is greater than ever before. Hundreds of kids in our community are still forced to sleep in substandard, overcrowded housing, as it is all their parents can afford. Hundreds of local kids are still moving from school to school, as their parents chase affordable rent. We must continue mobilizing our community to address the housing crisis in the Portland area. We invite everyone to join Habitat as we work towards building the 150 homes on the purchased land, and create a city that is a great place for all our neighbors.

We wish you a joy filled year ahead and thank you again for your generosity that will continue to bless families for years to come!

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