Current Builds

We’re building! We currently have two ongoing constructions projects:  Glisan Gardens and Helensview. Read more about them below.

Glisan Gardens

Habitat broke ground on 25 sustainably built homes located at the corner of Northeast 165th Avenue and Glisan Street in 2015, graciously designed with the assistance of Ankrom Moison Architects, Inc. The City of Gresham helped Habitat purchase the large 1.64-acre parcel with Housing and Urban Development HOME funds, and so far, Habitat has removed two blighted structures from the parcel, improving the appearance of this highly visible corner lot.

To date, Habitat has built and sold over 70 homes in Gresham. Most of these have been in and around the Rockwood area, where the City has completed a number of projects to improve streets, help small businesses, enhance parks and other community amenities. Habitat’s consistent home building efforts in Rockwood are stabilizing school enrollment and contributing to the larger efforts aimed at making an attractive and high quality neighborhood for families.

View building plans for Phase 1:
Building 7, Building 8, Building 9, Building 11

Your support can help Habitat’s building efforts at Glisan Gardens. Donate now!


In 2015, Habitat began construction at Helensview, our 21-home site at NE 64th Ave. & Killingsworth Ct. Helensview will offer families and their children an affordable housing opportunity in Cully, our Neighborhood Revitalization focus neighborhood.

Helensview was originally the site of a 40-home project by former nonprofit HOST. When the recession hit, HOST was unable to complete their work, and half the lot sat empty. Habitat stepped in and purchased the remaining land with the intention of completing the rest of the 20 homes for hardworking, low-income families in the Portland area.

Habitat’s efforts in the Cully neighborhood will provide an opportunity for residents most likely to be displaced by gentrification to stay in their neighborhood. We have been working with neighborhood organizations to encourage renters to consider applying for the Homeownership Program, utilizing this great opportunity to move residents up the housing continuum towards homeownership. Habitat also hires Cully-based tradesmen and businesses during the construction process whenever possible.