current builds

We’re building! We currently have two ongoing constructions projects: Helensview and Brooklyn Pines. Read more about them below.


In 2015, Habitat began construction at Helensview, our 21-home site at NE 64th Ave. & Killingsworth Ct. Helensview will offer families and their children an affordable housing opportunity in Cully, our Neighborhood Revitalization focus neighborhood.

Helensview was originally the site of a 40-home project by former nonprofit HOST. When the recession hit, HOST was unable to complete their work, and half the lot sat empty. Habitat stepped in and purchased the remaining land with the intention of completing the rest of the 20 homes for hardworking, low-income families in the Portland area.

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brooklyn pines

Located at SE 84th Ave. and Brooklyn Street, Habitat’s newest development will become 10 affordable homes for local low-income homeowners. The lot was purchased as part of Habitat’s focus on southeast Portland, having already built 37 homes in the nearby Lents neighborhood, and 55 homes in southeast Portland both to the north and east of this site.

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