Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative

Habitat is proud to launch the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI), a block by block approach to building stronger neighborhoods.


NRI will help serve more families in the Portland Metro area with an expanded array of products, services and partnerships. Habitat will respond to community priorities and work hand-in-hand with residents to revive their neighborhood and enhance their quality of life. NRI is more than just new Habitat products. This is a holistic approach to creating change in our neighborhoods that have the greatest need for stability. This means joining residents, nonprofits, businesses and local government to discover what is needed most in a neighborhood, and helping to implement a shared vision of revitalization.

Creating Greater Impact

The goal is to increase the number of families served annually from 30 to 100.

Habitat’s mission is to create successful homeownership by partnering hardworking families in need with the community to build healthy, affordable homes. While new home construction remains at the core of what we do, Habitat cannot transform neighborhoods through new construction alone. By launching NRI, we are able to work more intensively within a neighborhood to meet resident needs and aspirations, ultimately improving the quality of life for not only residents of these neighborhoods, but for the city as a whole.

Habitat will improve the lives of families through new services:

New Home Construction
Address the need to create new affordable homeownership opportunities in the focus area.

Addresses the glut of abandoned or foreclosed properties by restoring homes and selling to hardworking families.

Critical Home Repair
Addresses extensive interior and exterior repairs for existing low-income homeowners. This may include roof replacement, electrical and plumbing, and handicap accessibility renovations to address health and safety concerns.

Home Preservation
Preserves the exterior of homes by focusing on minor repairs, painting and landscaping.

Improves energy efficiency and indoor air quality for existing low-income homeowners.

Focus Area

After careful consideration and an assessment of various neighborhoods, we are piloting NRI in the Cully Neighborhood in NE Portland.

Why Cully?

  • Cully contains the most diverse census tract in Oregon.

  • Cully was annexed in the mid-1980s without basic infrastructure, facilities and services.

  • 85% of Cully students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

  • Poverty rate is 17% higher than the citywide rate of 13% (US Census 2010).

  • Habitat has built 20 homes in Cully and acquired an additional 21 lots for future homebuilding.

  • Community Partners: Hacienda CDCNative American Youth & Family Center and Verde are strong Cully-based organizations, a history of working together, and complementary programmatic strengths and activities.

Living Cully

Living Cully is a coordinated effort by Verde, Hacienda CDC and the Native American Youth and Family Center to drive investments into the Cully neighborhood in response to existing community needs: jobs, education, housing and quality of life. The initiative seeks to reinterpret sustainability as an anti-poverty strategy by pursuing investments that directly benefit diverse, low income Cully residents and which restore or enhance the places where they live, work, learn and play.

Before and After

For more information about NRI or Habitat’s involvement in the Cully neighborhood, contact Eddie Barnhart, Home Repair Program Specialist, at 503.287.9529 x39 or

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