Habitat Welcomes 23 Families into Program

Getting a phone call that will change your family’s future is an emotional moment, especially when the call is about something every family needs – a simple, decent place to live. Habitat is proud to have recently made such calls to 23 local families, who are living in some of the most desperate housing conditions in our community.

These 23 families represent 119 people, including 46 children, who are now on the road to escaping moldy walls, unaffordable rent, overcrowding and an unceasing cycle of generational poverty. Nine of these families include a member with a disability or illness that presents mobility problems in their current living conditions. Thanks to our generous sponsors and volunteers, Habitat is able to partner with these families to  build homes that are accessible, so they can thrive.

Habitat handed out a record 370 homeownership applications during this latest homeowner selection process.111 were completed and sent to a team of volunteers and staff for review. The review process includes several steps to identify families with the greatest need and ability to partner with Habitat by investing 500 hours of sweat equity and paying an affordable monthly mortgage. For most of these families, renting a decent place to live easily consumes more than 40% to 50% of their income, leaving very little for life’s other necessities such as utilities, food, clothing or saving for college. These families will now have the opportunity to purchase their own home with a 1% down payment on a 0%- interest mortgage, paying no more than 30% of their income to own their home.

A warm welcome is planned for the new families at Habitat’s Key Ceremony and Home Dedication on April 6 and SE 171st and Division Street, where they will have the opportunity to tour a Habitat home and meet their future neighbors who have already completed the homeownership program. Please join us!

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