From Benson High with Love

To celebrate the accomplishments of the Benson Polytechnic High School Tech’s ninth grade tech geometry class, Cheyenne Montalbin’s students presented two gifts to the Portland community: a hand-crafted stage for events at... Read More >

Volunteer Spotlight: Reed

After seeing a volunteer callout on Instagram for “Winter Warriors” in January, Reed decided to brace the chill and help us make progress when we needed volunteers the most. It…

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Building on the Power of Connection

Annette is a community member who believes in the power of connection; that for every bond made between individuals a movement is born. Whether it’s advocating for local housing stability…

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An Unforgettable Dining Experience with Top Chef Alum

Welcome to Bullard, a place where Texas hospitality meets Oregon’s bountiful food landscape. Inspired by Top Chef Alum Doug Adams’ namesake hometown, Bullard brings an unexpected twist to downtown Portland dining. Chef Adams will meet you and 9 of your closest companions in the Bullard Private Dining Room for an evening of seasonal cooking and family style dining.

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An Incomparable Italian Vacation

Resting atop a storefront in the bustling town of Marsciano is Casa Capriccio (“flight of fancy” in Italian): a classic 19th-century townhouse fit for the traveler seeking a genuine experience of everyday Italian life. With two balconies overlooking the main square, the three stories of Casa Capriccio offer a comfortable space to relax after strolling through the town’s shops, cafes, and restaurants.  This area of the Tiber River valley is known for its sweeping views:  walled hilltop towns, green rolling hills decorated with grapevines and olive groves, fields of poppies in spring, sunflowers in midsummer, blazing colors in autumn. From the top floor of this cozy townhouse, you look across the main square and over the rooftops to a hilltop castle in the far distance.  Travel by car and you’re in the beautiful Lake Trasimeno district with each coast a short two hours away. A small town in central Umbria, Marsciano offers old world charm with contemporary attractions. It’s perfect for a couple or small family to enjoy a rustic summer getaway amidst a vibrant and active glimpse of Italy.

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