A Right to Return

In efforts to combat years of gentrification and a legacy of displacement, Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East is partnering with the City of Portland to enact the North/Northeast Preference Policy. Construction is now underway on the first two Habitat communities built under this new initiative.

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Win an Ecotourism Adventure in Costa Rica

World-renowned beaches, luxurious resorts, and rare wildlife in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica is an ecotourism dream. Could be yours if you come to our Hard Hat & Black Tie Dinner and Auction on October 4th! RSVP today.

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From Benson High with Love

To celebrate the accomplishments of the Benson Polytechnic High School ninth grade tech geometry class, Cheyenne Montalbin’s students presented two gifts to the Portland community: a hand-crafted stage for events at the... Read More >

Volunteer Spotlight: Reed

After seeing a volunteer callout on Instagram for “Winter Warriors” in January, Reed decided to brace the chill and help us make progress when we needed volunteers the most. It…

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Building on the Power of Connection

Annette is a community member who believes in the power of connection; that for every bond made between individuals a movement is born. Whether it’s advocating for local housing stability…

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