Building on the Power of Connection

Annette is a community member who believes in the power of connection; that for every bond made between individuals a movement is born. Whether it’s advocating for local housing stability…

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Opening the Door to Homeownership

Determined and resilient, Reyna is a steadfast believer in the fruits of her labor; that for every trial she endures, another door will open and it is up to her... Read More >

Bountiful Blessings: Mel’s Story

For Mel and her son, Angelo, having a home of their own has been life-changing. Mel went back to school and earned her Master of Art and Art Education degree…

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Yanfen’s Story

Yanfen, her husband Xiaoyun and their two children, Kiana and Koby, live inside one bedroom of a four-bedroom home that they share with 10 other extended family members. Like many... Read More >

Home is Where Community Grows

When Minh talks, she glows – especially when recounting the daily activities of her five daughters: Lien Hoa, Nhu Ngoc, Nhu Kim, Nhu Ngan, and Nhu Y. Her eldest, Lien Hoa, is a sophomore in high school and, like her…

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