Opening the Door to Homeownership

Determined and resilient, Reyna is a steadfast believer in the fruits of her labor; that for every trial she endures, another door will open and it is up to her... Read More >

Bountiful Blessings: Mel’s Story

For Mel and her son, Angelo, having a home of their own has been life-changing. Mel went back to school and earned her Master of Art and Art Education degree…

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Yanfen’s Story

Yanfen, her husband Xiaoyun and their two children, Kiana and Koby, live inside one bedroom of a four-bedroom home that they share with 10 other extended family members. Like many... Read More >

Home is Where Community Grows

When Minh talks, she glows – especially when recounting the daily activities of her five daughters: Lien Hoa, Nhu Ngoc, Nhu Kim, Nhu Ngan, and Nhu Y. Her eldest, Lien Hoa, is a sophomore in high school and, like her…

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From Overcrowded to Overjoyed

Hai Dao was 14 years old when his family immigrated to Portland, OR from Vietnam. Life in Vietnam was simpler. He lived with his parents, Danh and Sang, his older…

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From Neighbor to Life-Long Friend

DeAsha Russell visits her family’s home country of Jamaica often. She loves her homeland, but is a determined young women with dreams of building something for herself here in America….

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