Even into the thick of winter, significant progress continues to be made at our Cully Place build site in Northeast Portland, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our Winter Warrior volunteers, AmeriCorps members, and construction crew.

With two homes nearing structural completion in phase one, we just finished sealing the homes up and are working on installing sheetrock and insulation to optimize year-round energy efficiency. Flooring, painting, and door installation will soon commence. One unit will soon have a second floor and the other a roof.

Because of the steadfast commitment of weekly volunteers, we are finishing up the foundation on nearly half of the homes in this 15-home neighborhood. Cully Place is starting to show signs of the tight-knit community it will become.

This year, we plan to break ground on 50 new homes, including theses 15 homes at Cully Place. This is a new record for Habitat for Humanity in Portland.

“We have a special year ahead and we firmly believe there is no substitute for hands-on experience in the construction sites,” Director of Construction Fernando Morales said.

Want to learn new skills and lend us a hand on our construction site? Register to be a Winter Warrior volunteer HERE.


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