Top Executives of 14 companies joined forces with future homeowners on April 9, for the Spring 2010 Executive Build at Jubilee Commons. Future homeowner Ana Perez-Claveria and her daughter, Emily, (right) led a team installing blocking on the second story. Co-host Craig Wessel, publisher of the Portland Business Journal, cut materials and helped with blocking, while  on the first floor, volunteers finished sheeting interior walls. Co-host and long-time Habitat supporter Bob Walsh (left), president of Walsh Construction Co. , aided these efforts. Outside a group of volunteers raised three-story beams that will support stairwells to the four, two-bedroom, townhome-style condos located above the four, one-bedroom ground floor homes.

After a solid half-day of construction, participants gathered in the community center to share lunch and hear first-hand from current and future Habitat homeowners. Future homeowner Greg Ivory shared how his past has been bumpier than he imagined. He has struggled with substance abuse, health issues and is also a cancer survivor. Being clean for over three years, Greg is working hard to repair the damage in is life. He has started his own business, G I Trucking Co., to provide a stable income for himself and provide a service to his community. Greg found out about Habitat for Humanity from a flyer and figured that it was a great opportunity for him to finally buy a home of his own. “Getting connected with Habitat has given me an opportunity to give back instead of taking all the time,” said Greg. “If you give people the help they need, they are then able to give back.”

Special thanks to the following executives for joining Bob Walsh and Craig Wessel in helping the next eight future homeowners: Jordan Bader of Acme Construction Supply; Gabe Genauer and Greg Capen of of B & G Builders, Inc.; Judith Huck of Classique Floors; Udo Rieder of Erickson Air-Crane; Dawn Holden of Golf Savings Bank; Ed Herinckx of HMH; Julie Leuvrey of Oregon Pacific Investment Development Co.; Steve Malany of P & C Construction; Joel Kaplan of Roberts Kaplan LLP; Anton Oehlert of Union Bank; Jeff Grubb and Tom Taylor of Wells Fargo.

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