Construction Volunteer Safety

Thank you for your interest in volunteering on the construction site with Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East!

Please review our general safety rules before signing up for a work day.

Construction Safety Rules:

1. Pay attention to the safety of people near you.
2. Ask questions! Don’t guess. Ask questions!
3. Report unsafe conditions.
4. Wear a hard hat.
5. Ear plugs protect you in high noise areas. Use them.
6. Wear safety glasses or eye protection at all times.
7. Blade guards must be used when operating power saws.
8. Use a respirator in dusty areas.
9. Wear work gloves when handling wood or metal products.
10. Power cords must not be stepped on.
12. Do not use broken or malfunctioning tools.
13. No aluminum ladders near electric power lines.
14. Guardrails and toe boards must be used with scaffolding.
15. All injuries must be reported to the site supervisor right away.

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