Donating Goods

The generous contribution of materials and professional services allows Habitat to stretch each dollar further and build more homes. Find the donation that interests you.

Building Materials


We are currently seeking new materials and services for our homes. Check out our list and let us know if you’d like to help! Learn more »

Cars for Homes


Got an oldie in your driveway? Your car donation can help a family build a house and the hope of a better future! Learn more »


Stack of Wood Planks

Donate, shop and build! Our ReStores use your new or used material donations to raise funds to help Habitat for Humanity build affordable homes. And, it keeps usable materials out of the waste stream and into home building, remodeling and creative arts projects. Learn more »

Gifts That Build

Executive Build 10.16 (175)

This year give and get Gifts that Build: gifts of kindness that will help build a Habitat for Humanity home in partnership with a local family. We’ll send your recipient their ornament and card with the gift list item noted inside. Learn more »