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Third-Party Events

Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East appreciates all who want to help us further our mission. One of the many ways to support Habitat is by planning an event to raise funds for our affiliate, known as a “third-party fundraiser.” We are grateful for funds raised; they help us to continue building locally.

As an event organizer, we ask that you assume the responsibility of creating an event without any (or very limited) staff assistance. The nature of these fundraisers limits us because we cannot schedule, budget or predict a reliable source of revenue from such events. Therefore, we reserve our resources for Habitat-sponsored special events and fundraising efforts but will be happy to provide support as listed below.

Fundraiser Guidelines


Generally, Habitat will not provide staff or volunteer support for third-party fundraisers.


The Habitat name and logo cannot be used to promote a third-party event without prior staff approval. All approved third-party fundraisers should submit copies of printed materials which include Habitat’s name/logo prior to printing or posting on a website.

Any contact with media must be coordinated with Habitat.

Terms of the donation shall be advertised in marketing and promotional materials. This includes: the portion of the ticket price which will be donated, the duration of the fundraiser, and any maximum contribution amount set (ex. 50% of profits, one-time donation of $1,000, or all proceeds).


Please keep accurate accounts of your event. Habitat will not incur third-party expenses or provide any funds for third-party events. Contributions may be tax-deductible.

If individual donors would like a receipt from Habitat, they need to make their donation in the form of a personal check payable to Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East.

A donation of cash or items solicited on our behalf is tax-deductable only when it is made directly and entirely to Habitat. We will determine what types of gifts can be considered tax-deductible prior to solicitation, as we are the only agents who can verify the gift to the IRS.

When a portion of the charge or “suggested donation” to the participant is not tax-deductible, a statement to that effect must be included in all appropriate materials.

If your event is held in December, please ensure that gifts and accompanying documentation are turned in or mailed to Habitat by 12/31. This will ensure that donors are eligible for tax benefits in the calendar year the gift was made.


Fundraiser contributing $100 – $999
• Use of Habitat’s name, not logo.
• Handouts about Habitat.
• Advertisement on website (if open to public, and with advance notice).

Fundraiser contributing $1,000 – $4,999
Those listed above, plus:
• Advertisement in newsletters (if open to public, and with advance notice).
• Recognition on Habitat’s website.

Fundraiser contributing $5,000+
Those listed above, plus:
• Use of Habitat’s logo.
• Press release sent to media by Habitat (if provided by organizer).
• Habitat representative available to speak at your event.
• Opportunity for one group volunteer day on site (up to 10 people).

Before Your Event
Please mail, a completed Third-Party Fundraiser Form to Cassie Punnet at our office mailing address or complete the form and e-mail it to