Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East launched its first awareness campaign on August 29. This campaign links up with Habitat’s goal of increasing local home building capacity by 50%, growing awareness in our community and getting more people involved with the organization. Habitat worked with HMH, who generously took on the awareness campaign as a pro bono partnership with Habitat. The first step of the campaign process was to conduct focus groups, which provided insight into local perceptions of Habitat. We discovered that while Habitat is perceived to be a positive organization that helps reduce poverty housing, a lot of people do not realize that Habitat is building homes right here, in the Portland and Gresham communities.

After reviewing the results of the focus groups, Habitat decided to focus the campaign message on localizing the organization, as it is important for the people of Portland and Gresham to know that Habitat works to provide stable, affordable housing, locally, which is so critical to education, health and the economic success of our area.

The billboard campaign features iconic portraits of “Portlanders” posing dramatically with home building equipment. The photography was shot by local artist, Andy Batt, who also donated his time and services.

“We want to create a feeling of power and hope with the billboard creative,” said Lisa Heathman, public relations director at HMH and Habitat board member.  “The images are intentionally heroic and attention-getting so  people will want to learn more about what Habitat does for their community.”

A total of 16 billboards will be posted in the Portland area through November 6.

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