We are very thankful to hear that all Habitat staff in Japan have been accounted for and are safe. Habitat for Humanity Japan, together with an assessment team from Habitat for Humanity International, is currently liaising with government authorities and other organizations to coordinate the most appropriate response in the areas of greatest need. Search and rescue operations are still going on in the effected areas. The Japanese government has urged organizations to wait until these critical operations have finished before commencing any clean-up activities.

Long-term activities may include home clean-up and repair, targeting communities severely affected by the earthquake. A more detailed strategy for response will be completed when the full extent of the damage is known. Habitat for Humanity expects that its response to the earthquake and tsunami could last several years.

To make a donation and help with the rebuilding of homes destroyed by this disaster, please click here and select Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Victims as the program designation.

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