Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East implements the best modern practices from the building industry to improve our delivery of affordable homes. One recent best practice we picked up is a tool tracking system. This system helps us organize our tool inventory and makes it easier to find and track tools in use at our build sites. Tools are expensive and keeping track of them helps us reduce the cost to build each home.

Per Josh Philippi, VP of Construction at Habitat, “ShareMyToolbox has been a valuable resource for our construction sites, staff and volunteers. Staying organized and efficient will allow us to continue to increase the number of homes we build each year and the number of sites while tracking tools as they move from person to person.”

 We send a special thank you to ShareMyToolbox who donated their tool tracking app to our affiliate. They provided setup, training and support at no cost to support our mission.

About ShareMyToolbox:

ShareMyToolbox is a cloud app that makes organizing, searching and sharing small tools and equipment simple for contractors. The app is a modern way to manage a tool inventory and keep track of equipment in the field as well as in a warehouse. Free tool tracking articles and customer stories are available at Tool Tracking App.

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