Lizet has been searching for a stable and affordable home as her two daughters, Daphne and Sharon, grow older. They have moved multiple times over the past few years due to rent increases and want to live closer to Lizet’s work without the fear of their home becoming unaffordable.

Lizet heard about Habitat for Humanity through her friend Rosa, who also purchased a Habitat home in 2015. While Rosa was in the program, Lizet helped her complete some of her sweat equity hours, which inspired her to apply to the homeownership program.

Lizet loves her job as a bilingual Family Resource Coordinator where she conducts home visits and provides resources to individuals in the community. She also works part-time with the YMCA teaching classes in Spanish about diabetes awareness. Lizet is passionate about helping people through some of the difficult life situations she has also experienced.

Daphne and Sharon love swimming, running, and playing with their dog, Gigi. Daphne dreams of becoming a doctor and Sharon aspires to be a teacher or a painter. Both girls cannot wait to move into their new home in October where they will have more space to play and to dream big.

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