completed builds

Over 7,500 volunteers along with sponsors, donors, building partners and the homeowner families, help us build homes for deserving families every year – thank you!  With your help, we have built over 300 homes in the Portland Metro area.


Glisan Gardens – Habitat broke ground in 2015 on these 25 sustainably built homes located at the corner of Northeast 165th Avenue and Glisan Street. Completed in two phases, the final families moved in in early 2017. The completed lot has surface parking for all residents, as well as a playground for the over 70 children living in the community.

To date, Habitat has built and sold over 70 homes in Gresham. Most of these have been in and around the Rockwood area, where the City has completed a number of projects to improve streets, help small businesses, enhance parks and other community amenities. Habitat’s consistent home building efforts in Rockwood are stabilizing school enrollment and contributing to the larger efforts aimed at making an attractive and high quality neighborhood for families.

The City of Gresham helped Habitat purchase this large 1.64-acre parcel with Housing and Urban Development HOME funds. Glisan Gardens was designed with the assistance of Ankrom Moison Architects, Inc.


Trillium Court – For the first time ever, Habitat built homes in Southwest Portland.

As part of local housing agency Home Forward’s plan to completely rebuild their 40-year-old Hillsdale Terrace subsidized rental housing in that area, they invited Habitat to create a homeownership opportunity nearby. Habitat built seven homes, with a goal of moving interested and qualified residents from Hillsdale Terrace rentals into Habitat homeownership.

The parcel was purchased at a discount from the Greater Portland Bible Church, who previously used the old house on the property for returning missionaries, but was ready to see it used for another great community purpose. Trillium Court broke ground in 2014, and in August 2015 we dedicated seven homes and handed the keys over to seven families who now move into their new homes in Southwest Portland.


171st & Division – The development at SE 171st and Division streets is the largest Habitat build in Oregon and part of Habitat’s four-year bank of land purchased through A World of Hope: It Starts at Home fundraising efforts.

This site includes 45 lots, adjacent to 20 homes built by a for-profit builder and sold at market rate. Because the first 20 homes were sold at market rate, this completed development is a mixed-income community. Once complete, the entire community will benefit from the $6,750,000 added to the local property tax base.

For the first time in Habitat’s history, all specialty builds were  active during the same time and at the same location. The Portland Pride Build, Women Build, Faith Build and Youth United all raised the necessary funds to sponsor a home.

As of September 2014, construction on all homes was completed and 45 local families are now homeowners! It is estimated that over 10,000 volunteers worked side-by-side with 45 families to build this community from the ground up, providing stability for approximately 150 children.


Orchards – Ten well-qualified, hardworking families purchased new homes with a 0%-interest mortgage in October 2013. This centrally located community at 420 SE 106th Avenue, has access not only to Max and TriMet, but also Multnomah County Library’s beautiful new Midland Branch and the East Portland Community Center with its fabulous indoor pool/water park. In addition, families are able to easily access everyday needs with plenty of nearby options for groceries, shopping, health and other services. Despite this hive of activity, the street is low-key, quiet and ideal for families. Habitat kids are able to take advantage of the nearly 50 acres of parks located within a mile of the parcel, including soccer and softball fields, playgrounds, picnic tables, a dog park, a water feature for hot summer days and a community garden. With four schools located within a mile or just four blocks away, children have the option to walk or bike to school.


North Michigan Avenue – Construction was completed on two homes on North Michigan Avenue at the end of October 2012, near the heart of the vibrant cultural area of North Mississippi Avenue. These two buildings were built in partnership with Realty Trust Group and Portland Youth Builders.

Victoria Cottages – Victoria Cottages is located on Southeast 204th Place in the Rockwood and North Central neighborhoods of Gresham. Nestled in a neighborhood of  14-preexisting new homes, Habitat built eight additional new homes for low-income, hardworking families to complete the Victoria Cottages sub-division. The exterior design and colors compliment the neighboring homes and each entryway faces Southeast 204th Place. The eight homes are built to Earth Advantage certification levels and are close to TriMet route #20 bus stops and a half mile from the Ruby Junction stop on the TriMet MAX Blue Line.

Rivergate Commons – Rivergate Commons is a 12-home community on a large site purchased from the adjacent Rivergate Community Church on north Lombard Street. The church approached Habitat in 2008 in their search for a developer of housing to support the congregation’s socially conscious desire for a project that serves the community. Construction started July 2010 on phase one of the community. The first phase includes six homes that were completed in May of 2011. The completion of phase one and the starting of phase two was celebrated at the Rivergate Commons Half & Half Celebration on May 25, 2011. Phase two was completed in the spring of 2012 and included homes for six more families.

Two homes on Northeast Morgan Street – Construction on two homes started in the fall of 2011 and finished in the spring of 2012. These homes were built to Earth Advantage certification levels in partnership with Portland Youth Builders.


Two homes on North Haight Avenue – Started in the spring of 2011, two homes on North Haight Avenue were completed in just under four months. Built with a special helping hand from Parr Lumber and a sponsorship from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, these homes were dedicated in August of 2011.

One home at Northeast Mallory Avenue – Habitat returned to Northeast Mallory Avenue to build a single-family home neighboring a Habitat home completed by Women Build in January of 2009. This home is the sixth built by Habitat’s Women Build in the Portland Metro area and was built to Earth Advantage certification levels. Women Build started construction on this home  in January of 2011 and dedicated the completed home on June 26, 2011. For this Women Build home, Habitat  partnered with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Northwest Distribution to provide FSC certified local lumber. The lumber was acquired locally by Sustainable Northwest Distribution from the Forest Grove Watershed according to sustainable FSC practices. This pilot project was the start of what we hope will be a long-term partnership to help Habitat continue to build sustainably while supporting our local economy.

Twenty three homes at Jubilee Commons on Southeast 197th Avenue in Rockwood – On January 22, 2011, Habitat for Humanity dedicated the final nine homes of this 23-home community. The site is located in the Rockwood area of Gresham and the 23 homes are situated in a U-shape around a community center. The condos include one to four bedrooms and provide affordable housing to 42 adults and 56 children. The “eyes toward the center” design of the complex will add to the sense of community and feeling of connection among homeowner families. The Jubilee Commons community center will serve primarily as a supervised after school space where Jubilee children can have a dedicated place to do homework, receive tutoring and mentoring in small groups, participate in hands-on activities such as art and music, and have consistent access to computer and technology resources. The community center will also provide a place for adults to access computers and internet resources and for Jubilee families to gather for community meetings and social occasions, again contributing to and strengthening the sense of community.


Nine homes at Lents Landing on Southeast 97th Avenue – Breaking ground at the beginning of June 2009, this build was completed in two phases.  The first four homes were finished in January 2010, two of which were sponsored Walsh Construction Company. After some successful fundraising, the Women Build started construction in November of 2009 and completed a single family home the following summer. The last four homes were completed in November of 2010.


Seven homes on Southeast Martins Street – This seven-home project in southeast Portland was completed in two phases. The first was completed in December 2009 and the second in September 2009. One of the homes is ADA compliant, for a family member who has a disability.

Two LEED homes on Northeast Webster – In March 2009, the first Habitat LEED certified homes in Oregon were dedicated. Read more on our Sustainable Building page!

One home on Northeast Mallory Avenue– In January 2009, Habitat’s Women Build team completed one of two homes on Northeast Mallory Street. A neighboring Habitat home is was constructed next door by the Women Build in the summer of 2011.


Two homes on Northeast Wasco Street – In January 2008, Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East completed two homes at Northeast Wasco Street and 128th Avenue.


Two homes on North Borthwick Avenue – In December 2007, we dedicated another two homes on North Borthwick Avenue. One of the families spent the last five years living in a cramped RV trailer with a leaking roof, a sagging floor, and a serious mold problem. After purchasing their new Habitat home, the family was ecstatic to learn that their mortgage payment was only going to cost $75 more than the space they were renting to park the trailer.


Fifteen homes in New Columbia – During 2006 and 2007, Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East was proud to build homes for 15 families in three different areas of the exciting New Columbia neighborhood in North Portland.  A Women Build home and two Faith Buildhomes were three of the 15 homes. Also, three of the homes were blitz-built in only seven days (June 22, through June 29, 2007) through our partnership with the national Blitz Home Builders volunteer group. In addition, four other homes were blitz-built between June 3, and 9, 2006 in partnership with four local professional homebuilders as part of the nationwide Habitat for Humanity Home Builders Blitz 2006 event.  Thank you, homebuilders!

Fourteen homes at Lillian’s Place – In September 2006, we dedicated 14 condos and a community center located on a one-acre site on Southeast Stark Street between 168th and 169th avenues. On September 16, 2006, Habitat ‘handed over the keys to the future’ by dedicating these 14 homes to the 22 adults and 36 children who helped build them. Before Habitat started building on this site, the land held an abandoned house and three dilapidated buildings.

Sixteen homes on Southeast Lambert Street – During 2005-2006, we completed a 16-home community in southeast Portland’s Lents neighborhood, including two Women Build homes and two Faith Build homes.

“Katrina Build” home in Louisiana – In 2006, Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East was pleased to participate in the national Habitat for Humanity Operation Home Delivery program through sponsoring and helping to build a home in Lafayette, Louisiana for a family who lost their home to the hurricanes.  We called it our Giant Love Letter to Louisiana!  Thanks to all who participated and made this build possible, including the local volunteer team who went down to Lafayette to help build the home.


Eight homes at Southeast 188th Avenue and East Burnside Street- In April 2003, we dedicated eight homes in the Rockwood neighborhood.  A half-acre lot on 188th Avenue, just north of Burnside, was inhabited by overgrown berry bushes, and the neglected yard was littered with drug paraphernalia. Today, thanks to the efforts of volunteers, businesses, and partner-families, the lot holds attractive, well-constructed townhouses that eight families call home.