current builds

We’re building! We currently have three ongoing construction projects: Olin, Interstate& Kilpatrick, and our Cully Place. Read more about them below.

Interstate & Kilpatrick

In the Summer of 2019 we will break ground on 30 sustainable and energy-efficient homes in North Portland at the intersection of N. Interstate Avenue and N. Kilpatrick Street in the Kenton neighborhood. The homes are conveniently located near the Yellow Max Line, and close to downtown Kenton and neighborhood parks.

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In 2019, Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East will begin construction on 12 sustainably built homes in the Portsmouth neighborhood of North Portland. All of the homes will be sold to families with low incomes who have generational ties to North and Northeast Portland, as part of our work with the N/NE Preference Policy—a tool that helps address the harmful impacts of marginalization and displacement.

All of the homes at the N. Olin Street property will be permanently affordable. This allows homeowners to continue building equity in their homes, while ensuring that the homes are affordable to the next buyers.

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Cully Commons Birdseye

Cully Place

Habitat is proud to be building 15 new affordable homes Portland’s vibrant and diverse Cully neighborhood. Cully Place is part of our ongoing Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative, a block by block approach to building stronger neighborhoods.

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