Cully Place

Cully Commons Birdseye

5640 NE Killingsworth Street
Portland, OR 97218

2-5 bedrooms

Habitat is proud to be building 15 new affordable homes Portland’s vibrant and diverse Cully neighborhood. Cully Place is part of our ongoing Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative, a block by block approach to building stronger neighborhoods.

Habitat’s efforts in the Cully neighborhood will provide an opportunity for residents most likely to be displaced by gentrification to stay in their neighborhood. We are working with neighborhood organizations to encourage renters to consider applying for the Homeownership Program, utilizing this great opportunity to move residents up the housing continuum towards homeownership. Habitat also hires Cully-based tradespeople and businesses during the construction process whenever possible.

  • Rigler Elementary School
  • Madison High School
  • Khunamokwst Park
  • Fernhill Park
  • Bus Lines
    • 72
    • 71


15 homes
3 duplexes, 3 triplexes
1.5 – 2 bathrooms


Individual yards
Shared parking lot
All appliances including washer and dryers
Tankless water heaters
Energy efficient windows and doors
Community space
Open floor plans