The Geberemariame/Hateselassie Family

Solomon and Senait love to watch their two year old daughter Rohama grow and play, but as she gets older, they also have some apprehensions. Their current apartment has severe mold issues, affecting the family’s respiratory health. The carpet is old and dirty, making it hard for Rohama to play inside without being exposed to allergens. While playing inside poses some health dangers, outside is not much better. They live off a busy street and don’t feel safe letting Rohama play outside, even under their watch.

As Rohama gets older, Solomon and Senait wish nothing more than to provide a safe environment where she can run around and be a kid without worrying she will get sick or hurt. Solomon works full time as a parking attendant, but with high rents in the Portland area, he felt like he would never be able to afford a safe home of his own. That is until a friend told him about Habitat for Humanity. When Solomon and Senait heard they had been accepted into the program they were overjoyed.

“We love that we are not a Habitat customer, but a partner,” said Solomon. “Owning our home will change our family’s life for the better. Rohama will finally get to play in her house without getting sick and we will have a little yard so she can also play outside, away from a busy street.”