The Jlay/Wilson Family

Anthony Jlay and Mamie Wilson have been renting a two-bedroom apartment in Cherry Park for seven years. As their family grows, overcrowding has become an issue in their small home. The couple shares a room while their three boys share the second room. Mamie is a stay-at-home mother, taking care of her boys, including her youngest son who was diagnosed with a heart condition. Anthony has a job as maintenance support, working diligently to save enough to afford a better home for his family. Their current apartment has mold growth due to leaking windows, the carpet is in bad condition and the bathroom fan dosen’t work preventing the circulation of air.

“There is mold in most of the rooms and no screen door in the kitchen, so flies always come in,” said Anthony. “There is no place for the children to play outside and all the boys are in one room.”

Anthony worries that overcrowding will prevent is sons from growing up successfully. This is especially true with his youngest son because he has several pieces of health equipment he uses on a daily basis. The old carpet throughout the home collects dirt and dust, making their older son’s asthma worsen and affecting the youngest son’s respiration. Anthony and Mamie hope that their future home will be a safe environment and have a yard for their children to play in freely.

Anthony and Mamie heard about Habitat’s homeownership opportunities through their case worker who encouraged them to apply. When the family found out they were accepted into the program, they felt very happy and blessed. Anthony and his oldest son look forward to working on the construction site to help build their home, as well homes for fellow future homeowners.

“I think God has done something great in our lives,” said Anthony. “We are going to have our own place instead of living in somebody else’s place and paying rent.”