The Keith Family

Brian and Anna Keith are committed parents to their two daughters, Amara, 5, and Avryn, 2. Brian is a technical director for a non-profit theatre company, and Anna is a stay-at-home mom. They dream of being able to provide a safe, stable home for their children. At the time of their application to the Habitat program they were living in an apartment with a severe mold problems to the extent that both the girls were suffering from upper respiratory infections. There were also elevated levels of lead in the water. Luckily, they were able to receive rental assistance to move into another home. However, this support is not a sustainable solution. They look forward to homeownership and the stability and security that it will provide.

The Keith family moved into their new home in May of 2011 at Habitat’s Rivergate Commons,  a 12-home community project on a large site purchased from the adjacent Rivergate Community Church on Lombard Street in north Portland.