The Khudheer/Jassam Family

A new Habitat for Humanity house is an exciting prospect for Abdul Khudheer and his large family. The family, now permanent residents of the United States, came here from Iraq as refugees. A new house will not only provide more room for the family of eight, but will help promote a sense of belonging in their new country.

In addition, Khudheer uses a wheelchair and will be appreciative of a house designed for disabled access. It will be warmer too, as their present house is not only too small, but often cold.

Khudheer’s friend Omar Obaid, who also was recently chosen for a Habitat house, told the Khudheers about the Habitat program. When the family got the word they were chosen, they were quite excited. “My family and I have been very happy,” he said, “Habitat made our day.”

Also, he said, “We all will have a safe and secure life and we will feel that we do belong.”

With the youngest child in the family a new born baby and the oldest a 20-year-old who is a caregiver and a welder, the March 2013 completion of their new home will be a major step forward.

“I would like that they (his family) will succeed in their lives and future,” said Khudheer, “I feel relaxed (knowing) that I have a secure future for my family.”