The Ntiranyibagira Family

Silidio Ntiranyibagira and Lucia Ndayihereje live in a small two-bedroom apartment in northeast Portland with their four children. The family moved to Oregon in 2007, after spending decades trying to first flee the war-torn country of Burundi in Central Africa and then the refugee camps in Tanzania, where two of their four children were born. Both parents work full-time in a bakery to provide for their children.

Silidio and Lucia are dedicated to providing the best for their children, with the hope that their futures will be safe and secure. But in the past five years, they have moved and changed schools several times . The family’s current apartment is cramped and there is no space for the children to study or play. Through a friend at their church, Silidio and Lucia learned about Habitat and the opportunity to invest in their future and buy their own home, especially one that would fit the needs of their family.

“We were very, very happy and thankful,” Silidio said about getting the acceptance call from Habitat. “For 29 of the last 38 years, we have lived in refugee camps because of civil war. We’ve been able to have a family with four wonderful children and keep them together. This is a chance for my family to have our first permanent home.”

The couple says what they want most is stability, a permanent place to live and good education for their children.

“We will be investing in a home where we can stay and not have to move all of the time,” Silidio said. “Our children will not have to change schools anymore!”