The Snyder Family

As a single mother, Kathy Snyder has strived to provide a stable home for her young son. Despite having a job as a production worker, Kathy struggles to find financial stability. Just five years ago, Kathy and her son, Logan, were homeless. The family has since moved three times in the past five years, causing Logan to have to switch schools three times, as well. They currently live in a subsidized two-bedroom apartment, which is plagued with problems. The furnace isn’t able to heat the whole home and poor insulation from the second floor causes a draft in the kitchen. In addition, the neighbors’ constant fighting and the crack in their front door makes Logan feel uneasy when he is at home.

“We both have felt sick more times this year than any other year,” said Kathy.

Along with the health issues they have experienced, Kathy’s biggest worry is that the constant moving has not allowed for Logan to keep up academically. Statistics have shown that every time a child changes schools, there is a loss of two months worth of education. Kathy hopes that her new home will give Logan the stability that will help him succeed in school.

Kathy found out about Habitat’s homeownership program through a friend. Although she did not think she was an ideal candidate for the program, she applied anyway. When she was notified of her acceptance, Kathy became overwhelmed with joy as she tried to believe the good news. Homeowership is a fresh start for the Snyder family.

“This is the last step to close the unhealthy relationships that we have been through,” said Kathy. “When Logan has a routine, he is able to succeed.”