The Langh/Hau Family

(Previously Thang) Three years ago, Nang Langh and Cing Hau moved from Burma to the United States with their three children in an effort to create a stable life. Nang quickly got a job as an interpreter working in both Burmese and Zomi, and a second job as a sales associate at a local convenience store. Despite his hard work and long hours, Nang has been unable to afford a decent place for his family to call home.

The family currently lives in an overcrowded apartment in east Portland, located next to a busy, loud night club. While Nang and Cing are grateful for the opportunities they have received since moving to the United States, they were still searching for a safe home in which to raise their children.

Nang first learned about Habitat when he reached out to the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) to see if there were any resources that might help him find a better living situation.

“I never dreamed I could own a home in the United States,” said Nang. “When I found out it might be possible, it was like I began a new life.”

Nang’s family met all of Habitat’s qualifications and was selected into the program last winter. Nang and Cing will purchase a home in Habitat’s newest and largest neighborhood, located at Southeast 171st and Division Street.

Nang’s children are very excited to move to this Habitat neighborhood, since they already live within the Centennial School District and will not have to transfer schools or abandon classroom friends they’ve made.

“I look forward to living in a place where my children have a quiet place to study and a place they won’t have to worry about moving from,” said Nang.

Nang’s family is hard at work putting in their 500 hours of sweat equity building their home and meeting their new neighbors.

“When I picture my future home I think about the harmony it will bring my family,” said Nang. “It is our ‘happily ever after.’”