The Abdukarim Family

Fatiya and her five children have lived in their current apartment for 10 months, marking the fifth place they’ve called home in the last five years! Each move triggered when rents increase, or in search of healthier living conditions. Their current apartment has mold and a rodent infestation, so moving is, once again, in the family’s future. Being a single mother and having to relocate numerous times has put a lot of stress on Fatiya and her children. Her older kids have changed schools three times. Moving away from friends and starting a new curriculum in classrooms has made for hard transitions not only for their education, but socially as well.

Working as a Headstart teacher in northeast Portland, Fatiya knows how important stability is to a child’s development. So when a friend told her about Habitat’s Homeownership Program, she was thrilled to learn she might have the chance to purchase a home and create solid roots for her children.

“When I learned I was selected into the program it was the happiest I have ever felt,” said Fatiya. “It made me feel proud that I’m going to be able to create a safe, stable home for my children. They will finally be able to find peace in having their own space and focus on their education as they get older.”

Fatiya will begin building her home at Trillum Court – Habitat’s first build in Southwest Portland – this month. After she puts in 500 hours of sweat equity building her home, she will sign the 0%-interest mortgage and move in by the end of this year. “I have worked very hard to create a good environment for my children. I am so happy for our family’s future.”