The Compton Family

Ruthann Compton is a single mother of two – Kaylee, 14 and Kingston, 8 – and a Portland native. With a family history marked by substance abuse, Ruthann is determined to break the cycle of addiction and poverty, and provide a healthy home for her children to grow and thrive. Despite working fulltime as an accounting clerk, she simply does not make enough to afford a decent place to live.

“Most of my income goes to our housing, despite it being subsidized,” said Ruthann. “I can’t wait to own my own home, freeing up space for other families in need of subsidized housing, and building equity that I can pass down to my children.”

Ruthann is also excited about the stability homeownership will provide her children. Kaylee is a straight A student and wants to be a lawyer when she grows up, and Kingston is autistic, attending a private school that specializes in his needs.

“Having a place to call our own is important because it will provide a positive environment for Kaylee to study, and I will be able to provide all the comforts for Kingston’s needs too. We are so grateful to Habitat. This is really a dream come true.”