The Dulal Family

Ganga and Chhali Dulal have dreamed of a stable place to call home for many years. Originally from Bhutan, the couple lived in refugee camps in Nepal for 18 years before finally coming to the United States in 2011 to create a better life for their family.

However, once in the United States challenges still arose. Their four year old son was diagnosed with autism, causing the Dulals to make the tough decision to have Chhali stay home and provide the constant care their son. The couple also has a one-year-old daughter that Chhali cares for. Because of this, Ganga is the sole income provider, working many hours as an operator for a medical device manufacturer.

In this tight rental market, decent housing is hard to afford, especially on one income. Their current apartment is small, has mold and leaking plumbing. It is dark and not an ideal place to raise kids, let alone a child with a disability.

“Since my son needs constant care, Chhali must stay home,” said Ganga. “It is impossible to purchase a home with just one of us working. But with Habitat, owning a home became possible.”

Ganga and Chhali have been hard at work putting in their 500 hours of sweat equity, and their excitement to be in the program cannot be contained.

“I jumped in the air when I learned I was accepted,” said Ganga. “By owning a home my children don’t have to move frequently and stability will bring much to their lives. Being a homeowner makes me feel free from so many limitations. I am independent and confident about our future.”