The Ho Family

It’s difficult being a single parent. Being a single parent in Portland on a very tight budget provides even more complications and is a hard reality for Nha-y. Nha-y and her seven-year-old daughter have moved three times in the last five years, chasing affordable rents and trying to find safer places to live. Nha-y works full time as a nail technician, but simply does not make enough to afford a decent home.

Nha-y and her daughter are currently living in a temporary shelter and learned about Habitat for Humanity through their case manager. After the application process and home visit, she was elated to learn they had been accepted into the program.

“I cried and was filled with joy when Reianna called to inform me that we got accepted into the program,” said Nha-y. “This is a dream come true for my family, knowing we will not have to move in the next six months, or year, or ever again!”

Nha-y looks forward to having a stable home for her daughter to grow up in. She is also excited that their new home will be in their current southwest Portland neighborhood, allowing her daughter to stay in the same school and keep her newly gained friends.