The Hubbard Family

Karen Hubbard has a goal: To prove to her kids that when you work hard, dreams can come true. Now that she’s been accepted into the Habitat program, she has the opportunity to make her goal a reality.

Karen is the mother of two kids. Her son, who’s almost 21, loves to dance and is very much into photography. He has some challenges, but he’s working his way through them every day.

Karen’s daughter is nine. She likes softball and playing with her friends. In school, she enjoys writing and P.E. She’s an animal lover and wants to be a veterinarian.

Karen and her kids have been staying with her parents.

“My son sleeps upstairs and I have an open space where my bed is so my daughter can have a room.”

Things can get a bit crowded at times. Karen has been a single mom since she was 19 and has worked hard to get her son, who is autistic, through school.

“I would love to finally have a place for my kids to call home,” she says, adding that having their own home “…will allow my kids and I to have quality time together and my parents can have their own lives again. They’ve been very loving and caring grandparents.”

The family heard about Habitat when a spokesperson came into their school and the principal encouraged them to apply. When they found out they’d been accepted, Karen said, “It was a huge relief. We got so excited. We’ll start at the ground level, work hard, and make it our own.”

Karen looks forward to stability, building new family memories together, and sharing her talents and joy with her new community.