The Kaw/Paw Family

Ner Kaw and Hismu Paw were only 11 and 10 years old when their families were forced to flee their native Burma on foot, fighting through jungles, avoiding military threats and dealing with extreme poverty. After escaping the attacks on their village, they made it to Thailand, where their daughter was born in a refugee camp. They finally arrived in the U.S. in September of 2009.

Ner and Hismu always relied on their faith to get them through.

Today they face a different kind of challenge. They deal with cockroaches, mice and mold. With no weatherization in their current residence, moisture seeps in whenever it’s rainy or damp. Their parking lot is often used for drug deals. The noise from shouting and arguing keeps them from allowing their daughter to go outside to play.

It’s sometimes hard to find their building manager to pay their rent. They worry about possible eviction.

A friend and community nurse told them about Habitat for Humanity.

When they found out they’d been selected to participate in the program, they were overjoyed.

“We are really glad and excited to build our own home. It is like our dream come true. Now our children will be able to go outside and play. They can live without so much fear.”

Ner is a shoemaker and Hismu is a homemaker. Their daughter is five and loves to read, paint and play hide and seek. She wants to be a doctor.

They also have a new baby that keeps Hismu busy.

The family is looking forward to a clean, warm, cozy home, free from all the environmental hazards they are dealing with right now. They’re excited to use their own skills and talents into making their home a special place.