The Lal/Kim Family

Pau Lal and Rem Kim have a hopeful future. Along with sister Ling Siam, the three made the move from a refugee camp in Malaysia to the U.S. four years ago. Originally from Myanmar, Pau and his family came to Portland in search of a better life as they tried to establish a family.

“When we lived in the refugee camp in Malaysia, we had many challenges. No food, no clothes, bad water.” But while they found life in Portland better than the refugee camp, Pau’s job at a meat packing plant just couldn’t afford his family with a comfortable place to live, especially with the addition of their two new daughters, 4-year-old Lucy and 1-year-old Helen.

With a growing family and a small apartment in an unsafe area, the Lal/Kim family were excited when they heard of Habitat for Humanity from friends and were accepted into the homeownership program. Pau and Rem know that owning a home will provide their children with the opportunity to grow in a stable, safe place. Hard at work completing their sweat equity, the Lal/Kim family looks forward to the day they receive the keys and move in to their very own home.