The Le-Luong Family

Minh Le is a single father of a 14-year-old son and an older adult son who does not live at home. Minh and his youngest son also live with Minh’s elderly parents, as they are no longer able to afford a place of their own.

Their current apartment is very overcrowded. Minh and his son share a bunk bed, while his parents have great difficulty walking up the large number of stairs to their apartment. Despite working full-time as a painter, Minh is just not able to afford a larger place for his family and fears that pretty soon he won’t be able to afford their current apartment, as rent has risen the past few years.

A great number of people would agree with Minh that it is “hard to get a decent home,” especially one that is affordable. Minh came to the US with his parents and son because they “wanted good futures for the children.” Originally from Vietnam, Minh has now lived in the US for over 7 years without being able to find an affordable home for his family.

Minh’s song Kein is very active and enjoys running and soccer. Kein says when he is older, he wants to be an engineer “because I love to build” he adds.

Minh says by becoming a homeowner, “we would be able to save on rent every month. With the money we save we could put it towards [the children’s] future.”

Finally, the family’s dream of owning a decent home has become a reality. They cannot wait to move into their home and save up for their future.