The Lie/Shee Family

Khu and Naw live in Portland with their four children. The family moved to Portland from a refugee camp located on the Thailand-Myanmar border: “We moved to US in August 2012 because we wanted our kids to have more opportunities to get a higher education” says Khu. “We want to own a house to provide a comfort and safety place for our kids.”

Hsa (21) is the oldest daughter and enjoys spending time at home reading. She hopes to become a nurse when she is older. Her younger sister Hsa (19) likes learning science and wants to become a singer. Mor is 17 and wants to become a business woman. Htoo (14) is the youngest sibling and the only son. He likes to play games and sports and hopes to become a soccer player.

Khu says becoming a partner with Habitat for Humanity was “unbelievable.” Khu hopes his children “will become happy kids and healthy.”