The Loe/Shwe Family

Housing can mean different things to people in different circumstances. And in the case of the Loe family, the home and new life they will soon enjoy is nothing short of a miraculous change – one that Habitat for Humanity is excited to partner on.

The Poe family consists of Poe Loe, his wife Heh Gay, their two-year-old daughter, another child on the way and Poe’s brother Kaw Shwe. In addition there are Poe’s mother and father, both physically handicapped, who will make up the multi-generational family living in the home. In 2008, they came to the United States as refugees through Thailand.

Originally from a small village in Burma, Poe was eight years old when his family was forced to flee from their village. The family demonstrated great strength and endurance living in the jungle for six months after fleeing, finally making their way to a refugee camp in Thailand. Two years later, both his mother and father suffered strokes. Within the camps medical care was nearly nonexistent and they were unable to get the treatment they needed.  Both parents remain handicapped today.

“At 12 years old, I went to work in the fields to support my family,” said Poe. “I worked like this for the next 11 years.”

Now in America, he continues to work and strive toward providing his family a life of security, health and now, education for his child and children to come.

Kaw Shwe, Poe’s younger brother has also worked hard toward their dream of owning a safe place to call home. He is currently a cook and will be a cosigner on the 0%-interest mortgage.

Heh Gay, wife and homemaker, cares full-time for her two handicapped in-laws and her daughter. She manages to handle all their contrasting needs and sees the generosity of Habitat in this way.

“I will be able to provide clean and healthy environment for my children to grow up,” Said Heh. “My dream of having enough room for everyone, with a garden for growing food and flowers is finally coming true.”