The Lund Family

Ann Lund is a hardworking, single mother of two sons and a daughter with special needs. The Lunds have lived in a small apartment in southeast Portland for the past ten years. Conditions of their aging apartment have deteriorated to the point where mold is growing and causing respiratory problems among family members. Ann’s children are also growing up and need some personal space in their home to call their own. Although she wants the best for her family, Ann has struggled to find adequate, affordable housing that meets the needs of her family.

Ann’s eldest son, Zach, is 21 and splits his time between being both a college student and a caregiver for his sister. Ann’s daughter is 16-years-old and has Rett Syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects her mobility and speech and requires constant care. Ann’s youngest son is in high school and also contributes to his sister’s care. Although their apartment is in poor condition, the family says the biggest problem they face is the lack of wheelchair accessibility in their home.

A friend at work, LaTangie, knew about Ann’s struggle and told her about the Habitat program. LaTangie recently moved into her own Habitat home and knew that Ann and her family of four would flourish in a home of their own that fit their needs. Ann saw no reason not to apply.

“Zach volunteered and helped build LaTangie’s home, when she told me about Habitat I thought, ‘Why not?’ I have nothing to lose,” Ann said.

Ann is most excited about having a stable community, a chance to garden and the ability to give her family a home that they need and deserve.

“Having wheelchair access for my daughter will affect our entire family for the better,” Ann said. “I’ve never seen a home that is built to be fully accessible like our Habitat home will be. We’ll be able to do so much more for my daughter than we ever could before.”